CH&Co. and ALPHA

Backed by Chappuis Halder & Co., ALPHA is designed to help banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions create cutting edge technological and marketable solutions.

CH&Co.’s clients, the members and collaborators of its innovation ecosystem, are among the project leaders currently supported by the accelerator. We also welcome teams with a project, client or not, start-ups already launched or just people with an idea willing to innovate in Financial Services

We provide support for the full innovation cycle, from ideation to go-to-market

  • Our incubator is part of a larger ecosystem with sources of inspiration to generate new ideas and a Lab in Budapest to prototype solutions

  • We have a deep experience in innovation with a hands-on methodology inspired by start-ups

We build use cases specifically for the financial industry

  • We leverage our expertise to leverage the solution for the specific needs of the Financial Industry

  • We connect innovation to our clients to make sure it is relevant for the the Financial Services

We open new market through our international footprint

  • We support the go-to-market with our direct connections with potential clients, in Asia, Europe and North America

  • We connect start-ups between them to package a more valuable offering
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