Country: USA
Year: 2014

  • First of its kind partnership between a connected car service Zubie and an auto insurer, Progressive
  • Zubie monitors bad driving habits such as rapid accelerating, hard braking and speeding and gives practical advice to the driver
  • It tracks battery voltage trends, engine-related issues and automatically alerts the driver of a potential problem


  • Zubie, a startup in the connected car space, focuses on empowering drivers, improving auto safety, and making driving more affordable
  • Through the partnership with Progressive Auto Insurance, Zubie offers customers the option of sharing their driver data with Progressive in order to earn a discount on auto insurance premiums

How to use it

  • Drivers plug in the Zubie Key into their car’s on-board diagnostic port and the program provides direct feedback to the drivers’ Android or iPhone device.
  • Information is reported to the user in order to help them make better, safer driving habits


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