Country: Lebanon
Year: 2012


  • Zoomaal is a reward based crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to seek capital for their specific projects through small investments.
  • Each projects offers different rewards for the donors depending on their support level.
  • If a campaign isn’t successful and doesn’t reach the requested funding level, all the money is reimbursed to the donors.

Consumer Benefits

  • Simplification: Entrepreneurs using Zoomaal no longer have to provide equity or get loans to fund their project.
  • Exposure: The projects get important social media exposure since the investors are highly encouraged to share the campaign with their friends.
  • Rewards: The different kinds of rewards act as additional incentives to get potential investors to fund the projects.

How To Use

  • Submit your project: Project owners have to sign up and create a campaign by uploading a video, a description, the reward packages and a short biography.
  • Start collecting funds: By sharing the campaign through social media, users will collect more funds. If the project is completely funded, the project owner collects the money and if not, funds are returned to the original investors.


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