Country: Turkeyziraat
Year: 2013

  • The bank is closest to its customers and answers to client’s need to be available anywhere, at anytime
  • Give access to banking and insurance products for users who can’t make online banking
  • Good marketing concept that allows to attract prospects


  • Ziraat Bank is a Turkish bank that proposes insurance products like:
    • Loan Life Insurance
    • Family Accident Insurance
    • Travel Insurance… etc
  • The Turkish bank has deployed its VTM’s in the strong traffic zones (commercial centers, airports … ) in order to let users realize day-to-day banking and insurance transactions in a free service
  • The non clients can also use this special ATM to pay their bills and realize money transfers
  • At the VTM, users can ask for visio conferences with agents in order to get more details about an insurance product, or help them with complex transactions
  • The VTM are opened 24/7 and 365 days

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