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Country: USA
Year: 2006
The Internet is changing customers’ demands and Zillow has been able to respond to these new expectations by leveraging big data to offer objective, first-rate analysis and insights. Users value this to top-quality information, available nowhere else because it helps them make better decisions when buying/selling/renting a home.


  • Zillow is an online real estate marketplace which aims to change the way people buy a home by offering a customer-centric service spurred by big data
  • They leverage data to provide users with unbiased insights about the state of the real estate market and mortgage industry
  • High added value information are provided online like the sales of existing homes, listing and local property database, “Zestimate” which gives an estimated market value for an individual home
  • Most of Zillow’s revenue comes from ads and professionals’ subscriptions

Consumer benefits

  • Brokers can use Zillow’s unique market data to better manage their listings while home hunters can make better decisions based on objective data and analysis
  • Zillow offers user-friendly and responsive platforms that are tailored to the users’ needs: Zillow’s website and mobile app are the most popular real estate listing platform

How it works

Zillow adapts to new consumer behavior trends and develops a specific content strategy for each type of device.
To better understand Zillow’s estimates:

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