Country: United Stateszighranymi
Year: 2013

  • Personal identification providing an intuitive and simple new customer experience specifically applicable for FS services
  • The use of single ID combined with connected objects increase the amount of value added services


  • Zighra is a mobile identification powered by human kinetics. Zighra plugs into existing mobile apps and implicitly recognizes a user based on their habits and interaction, by actively evaluating the user’s unique kinetic interaction signature with their mobile device (identification via one swipe).
  • Nimy is a wristband. It uses cardiac rhythm to authenticate the user’s identity. Nymi interacts with devices, computer, smartphones, cars, etc. creating a smart, password and key-free environment.
  • More than just an identification tool, Nymi keeps personal information enabling any object or person to provide a secured and personalized service, object, interface (hotel, car, restaurant, bank, computer, etc.).
  • Nymi is developed as an open source technology to allow developers to create new functionalities.

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