Country: United Stateszero
Year: 2015

  • Reinsurance: an insurance company could create a reinsurance kit for small amounts targeting P2P insurance platforms.
  • Limited potential: the fact that businesses need to group together and create their insurance seems to limit the potential of this kind of offers.


  • Zero is developing a platform so that businesses of the same sector can create their own insurance pools to get covered. The platform is not live yet.
  • The primary objective of the platform seems to maximize safety management at the company level while controlling costs, through prevention, information and insurance.
  • Users can file claims on the Zero app: as claims are managed by the captive, it ensures that they are qualified, paid out on time and keep the business running.
  • The claims feed allows users to see how their group is fairing with accidents and safety. They can also see how they compare to others in their sector.
  • The captive insurance company can work directly with reinsurers to handle the risks beyond its initial scope.

Consumer Benefits

  • Similar risks: business being from the same sector, risks are similar and sharing safety information brings value to the group.
  • Customization: users define the insurance features and their risk tolerance.
  • Transparency: users can view the activity of other businesses, including claims and ensure that the latter are qualified and managed on time.

How to use

  • Users download the app, register and start an inquiry.
  • Once they get to a target amount of premium, they can begin forming their own collective.
  • No more information currently available since Zero is still at an early development level.


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