Country: United Statesyoutube360
Year: 2015

  • Marketing & Communication:Brand and Communication teams could investigate producing 360° videos for new campaigns.


  • YouTube 360 is a channel of the video platform that enables users to post and watch 360° videos assuming they have the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on their computer and the latest version of the YouTube app on their smartphone. 360° YouTube videos can also be watched with Google Cardboard through the YouTube app.
  • The uploaded videos need to fit YouTube 360 technical requirements, especially the equirectangular format (stretching of the initial spherical shot into a flat rectangular shape).
  • Many cameras are compatible with YouTube 360 among which Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic, and IC Real Tech Allie. Users can also create 360° videos compatible with YouTube 360 using custom camera rigs and third party stitching software like Kolor Autopano.
  • A live-streaming option is under development to enable users to share their 360° videos on YouTube in real-time (no release data available as of April 2016).

Consumer Benefits

  • Immersive experience: users can fully dive into videos and interact with their environment through tap and drag.
  • Marketing tool: for brand communication and advertising (example: real estate agents could give virtual tours of a property).
  • Accessible: users do not need any specific equipment to benefit from VR.

How to use

  • On a computer: users go the YouTube 360 channel and click on any video. They tap and drap the video to look around at 360°.
  • On a smartphone or tablet: users download the YouTube app and move their device to look around at 360°. The smartphone can be inserted in a Google Cardboard for a more immersive experience.


  • Example of a 360° video “Grand Canyon 4K 360º Video by 360 Labs”
  • Click the picture below the read the article “360° storytelling that has been created especially for mobile and enhanced by virtual reality tools”


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