Country: UK
Year: 2014


  • Yoti is an app that provides digital identity, a way for users to be able to instantly prove their identity or their age just with their phone
  • It collects personal ID information based on the same technology that is used by passport systems and puts the clients in control of their personal data
  • The concept behind Yoti is to create a safe environment where stakeholders’ identities are known and trusted

Consumer Benefits

  • Facial recognition: Yoti allows customers to take a selfie instead of passwords, being also able to confirm who they are talking to online and to prove their age just with their phone
  • Improved security: this app allows users to share their ID and prove who they are just by sharing their Yoti with others in a secure manner
  • Trusted community: Yoti has been developed to be transparent and accountable, keep the community safe and enable privacy and anonymity

How To Use

  • Users download the app and create their identity with their ID, a wallet space and their face:
  • 1- Take a selfie – similar to a passport photo
  • 2- Users link their phone to their Yoti account and add their photo ID (passport, driving licence etc.) that should match the selfie
  • 3- They then choose a PIN and can then log in to the Yoti app


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