Country: France YOMONI
Year: 2015


  • As of today, Yomoni is backed by a major bank Crédit Mutuel Arkéa. Eventually, the start-up can expect to receive a new relay for its offer. It may be distributed, for example, by bank agents
  • Yomoni also hopes to launch a CTO by the end of the year for savers with shorter term savings objectives


Yomoni aims to become the first digital management company in France to provide a simple and effective asset allocation method available via Internet and mobile service

  • In partnership with Suravenir, Yomoni is offering a contract of online assurance vie, starting from a minimum of 1000 Euros. Yomoni offers the possibility of withdrawal at any time for the customer (daily liquidity)
  • Unlike most assurance vie contracts, Yomoni offers a contract without money market funds, instead looking to find the best funds in which to invest for index replication
  • Yomoni has just been approved by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) to launch its service from September

Consumer Benefits

  • Aimed at young “Français moyens”, plans to attract those turning away from traditional savings products such as Livret A, attracting them by offering discretionary management at a lower cost.
  • Yomoni offers an interactive platform to its users. As a first step, the user is asked to complete a questionnaire to determine his risk profile, and set expectations for performance and durability
  • Yomoni differentiates itself from other automated models such as Wealthfront or Betterment, justifying that it’s not only an automated model, but a personalised one

How to use

  • With various sensors, data fusion and advanced analytics, the system learns the user’s habits, taking into account his manual settings and detected behavioural patterns.
  • Whenever the system detects a significant change in the user’s behaviour or a specific stress that require assistance, it notifies family or caregivers. Additional details on the end product have not been made public at this time as it is not marketed yet.
  • The minimum investment of € 1 000
  • It is an all-inclusive and competitive management fee of 1.6% annually, in full transparency, including:
    • the management mandate (0.7%)
    • the underlying ETF (0.3%)
    • and assurance vie (0.6%)
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