Country: United Statesxignite
Year: 2003


  • Xignite provides financial Web services and cloud-based financial market data APIs to help FinTech startups and established financial enterprises build smarter websites and applications
  • Xignite directly accesses and pulls market data from the exchanges and companies such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, and filters and packages the data attractively as needed for a wide variety of clients, who can then access it from the web or mobile devices, offerig 1,000 different kinds of API calls
  • Xignite’s clients include more than 1,000 financial services, media and software companies:
    • FinTech startups (makes up the bulk of Xignite’s business)
    • Groups within the major financial players who are also building a new generation of applications
    • Other leading financial institutions, exchanges and market data vendors

Consumer Benefits

  • It helps financial services companies to find new markets from their data through APIs
  • It can also lower costs for big banks and other financial companies.

How to use

  • To see how to use Xignite please click the video below


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