Country: UK
Year: 2015
Worry + Peace has launched a personal digital insurance only for gadgets less than 18 months old
Offer simplification: insurance companies could be inspired from the simplified transparent communication of offers that are easy to read and understand. They could also benchmark Worry+Peace for progress on contract simplification and contract visualization


  • Worry+Peace is the new personal insurance company who have recently launched their first product, a Gadget Insurance offer
  • The sole focus of Worry+Peace digital insurance is gadgets. They offer transparent price tariffs with a broad coverage including theft, accidental damage, liquid damage, unauthorized calls, worldwide cover, breakdown, online claims – but insurance can be bought only on gadgets less than 18 months old

Consumer Benefits

  • Worry+Peace offers a simplified user experience in addition to an insurance package with transparent pricing and extensive coverage
  • It also offers easy-to-read electronic contracts that can be read and understood in seconds
  • However, there’s a claims-waiting period of 14 days and if user claims in the first 3 months of the policy the amount contributed/self-insured rises by £25

How to use

  • User can go online on www.worryandpeace.com, retrieve a quote and subscribe to Gadget insurance
  • Rainmaking Loft is a startup hub that introduces WorryandPeace in their blog (Click on the image to go to the blog)


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