Country: USA
Year: 2015

  • Vouch, an alternative lending startup, helps lower interest rates on loans by leveraging the user’s social network
  • The stronger the user’s Vouch network is, the better the interest on loan that Vouch offers to the user


  • The idea with Vouch is to give consumers a way to receive lower interest rates on loans by having family and friends “vouch” for them
  • A rate is determined by looking at a variety of data points collected from the user:
    • Responses to survey questions
    • How many people “vouch” for a user (i.e. size of their network)
    • Speed of replying to inquiries
    • Number of vouch requests
  • In addition to the social aspect to the lending process, it targets users via a mobile application. 70 percent of testers are on mobile

How to use it

  • Click on the image below to watch a presentation of Vouch by its founder.


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