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: 2015

Vitality extends its program to saving products through a partnership with John Hancock to promote healthy behavior.


  • John Hancock, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife, Canada’s largest insurance company, partnered with Vitality, a leader in wellness programs, that can let policy holders earn discounts of between 5-15% by willingly handing over their health and fitness levels data
  • The program relies on data from fitness tracking devices such as the Apple Watch, Suunto or Fitbits to “prove” that the user is living healthily and is therefore less likely to make a claim
  • John Hancock Vitality also offers enriched content for users on how to be healthier, how to eat right etc. in addition to an online calculator at to allow users to calculate their age based on their lifestyle, and advice on how to set it right

Consumer Benefits

  • Earn rewards and discounts: The plan allows anyone who signs up to accrue points that can be redeemed for discounts, for example, earn points for gym visits, marathons, getting regular health check-ups, or the number of hours a user has slept
  • Cheaper insurance for users and lower risk for insurers: A win-win situation for both insurers and the insured, this program allows healthy and conscious users to avail discounts while lowering the risk for insurers. In the South African plan, users can avail their points to get discounts on airline ticket prices with British Airways, Emirates or Qantas

How to use

  • Sign up with John Hancock for your life insurance policy, fill out a short health review, and then receive a free Fitbit® to help easily track your healthy behaviors. Share the information with John Hancock to receive rewards
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