Country: Switzerland  vigipenlogo
Year: 2015
VigiPen is the first smart insulin injection pen directly connected to smartphones making life easier for diabetics.


  • VigiPen is a smart connected syringe dedicated to diabetics
  • The syringe is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and communicates directly with the VigiPen application
  • The syringe both measures blood glucose and is used to administer doses of insulin
  • Sensors enable blood glucose measurements to be automatically recorded and sent to the user’s log book via the VigiPen app

Consumer Benefits

  • With the VigiPen app, the user’s smartphone becomes his self-monitoring diary, no need to keep any paper and enter daily data manually
  • The app enables the user to follow and monitor his data more securely, avoiding forgetting injections or preventing doubling doses
  • Data can be shared with the user’s family or directly with his doctor

How to use 

  • The VigiPen application can be downloaded on IOS and Android smart devices
  • VigiPen can be used with rechargeable VigiPen cartridges and bottled insulin

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