Country: United-Statesvanare
Year: 2014
Vanare is a fully-integrated wealth management platform for the investment advisor community


  • Vanare is a wealth management platform that aims to create a profitable growth using innovative technology
  • It is built on Roboadvisor-DNA to boost asset growth and deepen client-advisor relationships. The platform is only available to professionals (B2B concept)
  • Professional users can select from the following product modules: integrated CRM, compliance & documents, reporting, fiduciary obligation (DOL Rules), sign electronically and roboadvisor

Consumer Benefits

  • Integrated platform: for professionals to use, or on a selective module basis
  • Unified workflows: for fast growing financial firms and avoid technology disconnections
  • Customisable: the platform can be adapted depending on the company’s business model and the investment philosophy

How To Use

  • To get more information, general information about the person is requested and also some questions regarding the company. Different modules are available:
    • Vanare: the full platform, it contains all of the following options
    • NestEgg Wealth: the robo-advisor, fully-integrated wealth management platform. For online and traditional wealth management
    • Spark: online account opening, 14 different account types
    • Synapse: API used for the financial institution for the creation of applications and workflows
    • Flow: manage the billing workflow automatically


  • An example of the Robo-advisor interface:


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