Country: USA

: 2014 is known as the Uber of mobile roadside assistance as long as the app instantly connects users with roadside assistance providers 


  • is a pay-on-demand application for roadside assistance services with no required membership
  • Skippers are people who deliver the assistance services and could be anybody who wants to work for Lyfeboat as they are receiving training
  • Other services offered include lockout service, dead battery jump, fuel service and flat tire fix, all estimated starting at a flat charge

Consumer Benefits

  • Pay-per-use model: no membership required
  • User-friendly: the uber-like interface provides a smooth experience

How to use

  • The user installs the application on their phone and when the need arises, requests assistance with just a few taps
  • The app is available on Android and iOS
  • Prices are estimated upfront and users pay through the application using a credit card number


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