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Year: 2013

United Hatzalah’s LifeCompass system is the “Uber of Saving Lives” because it locates and guides the medic to the emergency in the quickest and optimized way.


  • United Hatzalah is a unique, volunteer-based free emergency medical service that has served Israel 7 days a week, 24 hours a day since 2008
  • United Hatzalah’s 3000 certified volunteer medics with regular occupations leave their current activity to reach out to someone who needs medical assistance in an emergency – all volunteers are connected to the control room with a GPS-based LifeCompass system
  • With the introduction of the AmbuCycles (ambulance on motor cycles) along with the LifeCompass system (running on 250 algorithms), UH saved 245,000 lives in 2014 in Israel, with an average response time is of only 3.5 minutes
  • UH’s volunteers undergo 300 hours of compulsory training (incl. 100 hours in a hospital) in order to qualify. The burn out rate of volunteers is 1% annually, one of the lowest globally, and each volunteer treats on average 600 cases annually

Consumer Benefits

  • In Israel, the pervasive existence of UH substantially reduces the chance of a person’s suffering or dying because of a late response to a medical emergency. Statistically, the rate of cardiac arrest deaths has decreased by 50% since UH was created according to the Israel Heart Society

How to use it

  • Anyone in Israel facing or witnessing a medical emergency can call 1221 and ask for help, specifying his/her address and the nature of the emergency. The website provides patients with all information needed to contact the organization as quickly as possible
  • The closest, most qualified and appropriate volunteer medic will then arrive in no more than 1 to 4 minutes and assist the patient

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