Country: IsraeluHealth_logo-300x88
Year: 2015

Umoove’s uHealth challenges the user’s ability to be attentive, continuously focus, follow commands and avoid distractions.


  • Since 2010, Umoove has been developing a unique algorithm that can detect facial and eye movements in real time using mobile camera
  • The Umoove technology uses information extracted from previous frames, such as the angle of the user’s head to predict where to look for facial targets in the next frame thus minimizing the amount of computation needed to scan each image
  • uHealth is the latest Umoove product, an entertaining game-like exercise with the focus on improving user’s focus and attention
  • Umoove is working on developing other applications in order to detect diseases (including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, strokes, Alzheimer, Parkinson, autism)
  • “Track the eye, track the brain”: Umoove believes that the human eye provides deep insight into brain activity

Consumer Benefits

  • The uHealth app uses similar principles to those employed in vision therapy for treating concentration and attention difficulties. It makes brain training accessible to everyone without a need for expensive technology or a therapist

How to use it

  • The smartphone user with a front camera can download the app available on iOS or Android
  • Both uHealth (company’s main product working on improving concentration) and Umoove (fun game) applications are free
  • Umoove uses front and eye-tracking technology that redirects users to the main app (UHealth)
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