Country: Kenya, Africauap
Year: 2010

  • Claims calculation based on independent measurements (weather stations)
  • Use of mobile phone network and local retailers to sell products to touch under banked and under informed population
  • No claim form needed, the payout is send automatically based on the weather conditions


  • Kilimo Salama (“Safe Agriculture”) is an insurance designed for Kenyan farmers so they may insure their farm inputs (seeds, chemicals, fertilizers) against drought and excess rain
  • The project is a partnership between SF for Sustainable Agriculture, UAP Insurance, and telecoms operator Safaricom
  • Digital  component
    • Subscription through SMS / No claim needed
    • Payout paid via a M-PESA payment (Mobile money transfer – the Telecoms operator plays the role of the bank)

How to use

  • When farmers buy their inputs at the retailer they can pay a premium (generally 5%) to be protected. They receive a SMS confirmation with the registration details and their policy number
  • Kilimo Salama compensates farmers based on measurements made at the nearest weather station (15 km)
  • If there is a payout, farmer get a M-PESA payment on their mobile phone (a mobile-phone based money transfer in Kenya). No need to send a claim

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