Country: Israeltyt
Year: 2015

Tyto Care is a handheld device that allows people to take their temperatures and perform basic self-examinations of heart, lungs, throat, ears, eyes, and skin.


  • Tyto is a handheld device that can help patients perform basic examinations of their mouth, throat, eye, heart, lung, and skin
  • Sensors connected to the Tyto Care device capture images, sounds and temperatures. Audio instructions and a 3D avatar displayed on the screen helps the user conduct a desired self-exam
  • The device’s software analyses the results for the user to interpret, and also allow the user to send them to a physician for review and save them for future comparison

Consumer Benefits

  • The user can examine himself with the device and share results remotely with a clinician on the online Tyto Care Platform, avoiding traffic, night visit etc. thus reducing time and costs by replacing face to face visits
  • The device proposes a guidance to perform examinations and test results can be saved for future comparison or a second opinion
  • The user can define a patient profile for each member of their family on the same device

How to use it

  • The Tyto Care device allows the user to conduct various health examinations at home and send results remotely to a physician via telemedicine

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