Country: Latviatwino
Year: 2009

  • Twino is more akin to a crowd securitization fund than to a P2P lending platform
  • Key figures:
    • Loan origination volume since 2009 is €242 million;
    • Expected interest and fee income in 2016 is €39.6 million;
    • Expected EBITDA/Turnover ratio for 2016 is 25.4%;
    • TWINO has 336 employees across its 6 offices (Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Mexico, Russia, Denmark)


  • TWINO, previously known as Finabay, is an investment marketplace offering investors from across Europe the opportunity to earn premium returns by investing in unsecured consumer loans issued by FinaBay Group (owner of TWINO) in Poland, Georgia and Denmark.
  • Investors can invest using the Auto Invest tool: investors first select their own criteria (e.g. total amount of investment in portfolio, maximum investment per single loan, interest rate range, remaining term, reinvesting or not) for all the transactions. Then the Auto Invest tool will automatically integrate any investment strategy of their choice.
  • All money that has been transferred to TWINO investors profile accounts will be kept in a separate TWINO investors’ bank account, which TWINO will not pay any interest on.
  • Geographical expansion:
    • TWINO first launched its lending operations in Latvia in 2009
    • It expanded its lending operations to Poland (2011), Czech Republic (2011), Russia (2013), Georgia (2014), Denmark and Mexico (2015).
    • It launched its investment marketplance in 2015

Consumer Benefits

  • Zero fees for investors
  • No currency risk: investors can either invest in € or £
  • BuyBack guarantee: TWINO will buy back any non-performing loan (principal amount and interest for investment period) from investor, if it is 30 or more days delinquent

How to use

  • Register: Users will first need to register to become a TWINO investor
  • Add money to TWINO account: Users then need to choose a sum of money and make a transfer from their personal bank account to their TWINO account
  • Create a TWINO investment portfolio: Users can invest manually or by using the Auto Invest tool as soon as the transferred sum of money shows up in their TWINO account
  • Earn: Users will start earning from both the principal amount and interest when the borrower begins paying back his/her loan


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