Country: Switzerland
Year: 2014


  • True Wealth helps customers to invest in a globally diversified portfolio in three simple steps:
    • 1. Evaluate the customer’s risk tolerance based on an online questionnaire
    • 2. Optionally customize the suggested portfolio to individual preferences (within boundaries of optimal risk and diversification) and confirm the final investment strategy. An interactive dashboard illustrates the investment mix and provides instantaneous feedback.
    • 3. By confirming the investment mix, True Wealth implements the portfolio using ETFs, monitors it continuously and rebalances it in case of drift from the target allocation.
  • Clients conclude a discretionary mandate with True Wealth.
  • True Wealth’s easy to use portal puts clients in control. Comprehensive reporting provides full transparency and the possibility to adjust the portfolio allocation at any point in time allows to easily react on changing circumstances.
  • True Wealth distributes its innovative service as B2C (for its own clients) or B2B solution with interested partner.

Consumer Benefits

  • A platform that is easy to use: The platform is created to be very intuitive and easy to use, letting the user adapt his or her portfolio within boundaries of optimal portfolio risk and good diversification.
  • Transparency: Prospects can test the platform with a test account, providing access to all the features with virtual money. This way, potential clients have the possibility to run through the risk profiling process, see how the portfolio is implemented, what the portfolio’s exposures to asset classes, currency risk etc. are and how rebalancing works to keep the portfolio in line with the submitted investment strategy. Naturally, details on product costs, True Wealth service charges and total costs are displayed.
  • Cost efficient: True Wealth selects suitable investment instruments with the lowest product cost and developed a fully automated investment process to dramatically reduce the overall costs for clients.

How It Works

  • The user can first test the platform with a virtual test account free of charge.
  • If convinced, prospects are guided through an online opening process to open a securities account at the partner custodian bank and complete the risk profile. Based on this profile, users receive an optimized asset allocation suggestion.
  • After having received the IBAN for the custody account, the user can transfer funds from his or her bank account.
  • Once funds are received on the custody account, clients have the option to personalize their portfolio within their risk and diversification boundaries and confirm the final investment mix. The portfolio is then automatically implemented by True Wealth.
  • Clients may adjust the portfolio strategy to changed circumstances or withdraw funds at any time


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