Country: USA
Year: 2014

  • Trov helps users create an online inventory of their assets and to help insurers better estimate and price premium
  • Check the asset value, its adequacy with the coverage level, and possibility of partnership with Trov:  Trov has the potential to better inform all participants in an insurance contract, and also offer to check adequacy of coverage. Trov partners with accredited appraisers and property and casualty insurance (P&C) companies to itemize a member’s stuff, and then track the value of item over its lifetime using algorithms. 
  • Pocket Insurance offer: Opportunity to suggest pocket insurance products to clients for each purchased product. 
  • Provide service of ‘proof of possession’: A digital locker is an online inventory of personal property that includes photos of customer’s possessions. It can be offered with a service such as Trov that allows insurers to keep track of a user’s possessions (in case of claims management)


  • The Trov “digital locker” is an app-based platform that allows users to create an inventory of their possessions along with the purchase price, besides creating a floor plan showing where they are in their homes (or in storage)
  • Through unique technology and integrations with world leading product databases and marketplaces, Trov automatically collects important information about a user’s assets and securely organizes it in a personalized and secure Trov
  • Trov has entered exclusive partnerships with two large, undisclosed insurance companies and offers users the ability to insure their stuff more simply and efficiently. Trov also re-evaluates the value of these items based on third party appraisals or auctions.
  • It offers a pseudo-gamification element around asset building that appeals data-obsessed, quantified-self generation

Consumer Benefits

  • The mobile app allows policyholders to send photos of receipts for new purchases directly to agents or brokers to add to the contract
  • All information, including current market values, receipts and insurance, is quickly accessible from anywhere at any time on a mobile phone

How to use

  • Users download the app and upload pictures or bar codes of items they own. The value of these items is be estimated and later tracked over time


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