Country: United Statestrakdot
Year: 2013

  • The technology brings to final an improved service to help in finding lost luggage


  • Trakdot luggage determines the city where your luggage is and help to find lost luggage
  • User experience
    • Trakdot device is put in the luggage
    • Customer receives a text message or email when lending telling him that the checked-in luggage arrived with him
    • Otherwise, the luggage is geo-localized
  • Features
    • Trakdot uses micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to track and report position
    • The tracking can be realized from a PC device or from the mobile application
    • The device automatically enters in an airplane mode once in the plane , the transmit and received capabilities are shut off in the airplane
    • When the plane lands the device is reactivated
    • Trakdot is FCC and European community approved § The device is FCC certified and FAA compliant § The device can be used without GPS
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