Country: Singaporetradehero
Launched: 2012
TradeHero is a gamified trading stock market application. On the app users can draw data from real stock exchanges to create an unique and personal investment. TradeHero also has its own YouTube channel to learn more about trading.


  • TradeHero is designed to learn trading rules and to earn money
  • The application allows simulation of trading with real stock exchange from several markets with academic support in the form of a YouTube channel composed of 45 videos to learn more about trading
  • The best traders become heroes and are followed by other users who are inspired by them. Followers have access to the heroes tips, their open positions and can post on their time line
  • It is not possible to short sell but the trading period does not depend on the local trading market hour
  • There is a competitive aspect on the app which is based on social media or on the traders’ leaderboard

Consumer Benefits

  • Introduction to trading: and educational supports
  • Money-making opportunities:
    • Gaining or taking part of a competition
    • Referring friends
    • Being premium followed by other users.

How To Use

  • Once the app is downloaded, users can connect with Facebook or create an account with their email address Without Facebook, very little personal information is requested
  • A final step before opening an account is the selection of their 3 favourite stocks exchanges and a prefered industrial sector
  • All users get US $100,000 to start (practice)
  • To premium follow a hero there is a nominal fee. The application use PayPal for the payment and credited the account once the threshold of US $50 is reached


  • Illustration on TradeHero’s features:
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