Country: United Statestrackr
Year: 2009

  • Robbery or lost items prevention: TrackR bravo is a prevention tool. An insurance company could integrate this device to its prevention tools, accessories for its customers who often lose valuable items. For employees for example that would forget their business laptop at the airport while travelling. Once the object is separated from the phone it notifies the user. This would decrease the cost of theft claims.
  • Track the lost object: If the user notices early enough he lost an object he can see where the TrackR bravo device is located in a 100 foot range and can have it back. This would help decrease claims costs.


  • TrackR bravo is a device that the user can plug on any object that he wants to track thanks to an App he can download on his phone
  • The device is small and designed with a little loop on the top so that it can easily be plugged anywhere : laptop, car, wallet, keys, dog collar…
  • The TrackR Bravo has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, with a 100 foot range and can support up to 10 different devices
  • The user can activate a sound on the trackR in order to find the lost object more easily

Consumer Benefits

  • Lost and found: This device allows the user to never lose track of his precious items or his phone and to find them faster in a 100 foot range thanks to an alarm working both ways on the device or the user’s phone
  • Design and discreet: The device can fit in the palm of the hand and comes in different colors
  • Reminder: When an object is far from 100 foot of the user’s phone, the user is notified on his phone as he can check where the item was last seen

How to use

  • The customer can buy it online and download the App. Once he has the device, he can plug it on any item he wants. He can track the moves of his objects and know in real-time where they are.


  • Introduction to TrackR bravo on YouTube
  • Macrumors tells us how TrackR works


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