Country: Israel thetaray
Year: 2014

ThetaRay offers a breakthrough in anomaly detection, employing big data analysis to automatically detect financial risks in real time.


  • Founded in 2012, ThetaRay’s founders developed mathematical algorithms to identify different types of threats, by analyzing massive amounts of data across multiple environments, systems and sources to signal suspicious transactions and patterns
  • This approach enables early detection of cyber threats; it also detects fraud indicators, suspicious cross-domain activities, and abuse in high-impact business process transactions

Consumer Benefits

  • High accuracy & speed: Detects anomalies in seconds, enables organizations to respond instantly, minimize financial exposure and impact and reduce operational costs
  • Low False Positive Rates: Saves time and prevents data analysts from overlooking threats masked in a deluge of harmless transactions
  • Strong Immunity: Early detection of unknown risks strengthens existing systems with new risk identifiers
  • Identify revenue opportunities: For example, the retail loan department of a major global bank is currently using ThetaRay to identify low-risk loan applications and applicant groups, substantially reducing its application handling costs while increasing approval rates and revenue

How to use it

  • Trial / POC for two weeks on the company server costs EUR 25,000 for a data set of at least 20 columns and 100,000 lines
  • An annual licence with warranty and regular new releases costs EUR 250,000 for a few Tera Bytes of data
  • Alerts of severity, ranging from 1 to 100 determined by the algorithms, are displayed by the tool and internal staff from a bank/insurer can then analyze the alert

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