Country: Singapore
Year: 2013


  • Tembusu Systems developed the TRUST Framework – a high-tech global infrastructure that lets verified individuals transfer and manage assets instantly and securely
  • The distributed blockchain technology, TRUST can be used for exchange and personal asset management that allows people to use it for various purposes, including a cryptocurrency, a shopper rewards program, an in-game economy, and anything that needs a record-keeping system.
  • Tembusu  provides its solution for businesses, governments, and people alike.

Consumer Benefits

  • Accessibility: Enables payment using different currencies – real-world, digital, even gold and silver
  • Security/Accountability: Every user on the TRUST network is a real and identifiable person, every transaction is permanently recorded on the blockchain, and the cost of maintaining and creating physical money can be reduced by using a robust, persistent, low-cost cryptocurrency
  • Simplicity: developed to integrate traditional currency platforms with emerging blockchain technology that drives digital currency

How To Use

  • TRUST Framework is easily implemented with a computer or mobile device attached to existing POS systems
  • Consumers may withdraw cash through participating businesses by processing currencies from their digital wallets to the POS systems.
  • Businesses will then be able to cash out the digital payment into cash for consumers over the counter


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