tata aia

Country: India
Year: 2013

  • Develop interactive interfaces on the corporate website and simple sales mobile application to simplify the buying process
  • Improve and shorten the client journey with digital capabilities


Tata AIA launched a mobile app – eLife (Android only for now), which aims to simplifies the process of buying and selling life insurance solutions. The app is for advisors that can submit a client subscription through this new tool (100% paperless)
Key features of eLife include:

  • Fully secure digital process for e-application – provides a one-stop shop for Tata AIA Life products
  • Easy-to-use interface – allows advisors to capture customer details and complete the application even when not connected to the internet
  • Completeness of information and ease of documentation – prompts and facilitates the advisors to verify information and allows instant document upload before the forms can be submitted


  • The Economic Times is presenting the launch of eLife at Tata AIA (Click on the image bellow to see the article)

tata aia

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