Country: United Statessymbiont
Year: 2015


  • Symbiont offers the first issuance and trading platform for SmartSecurities on blockchain technology.
  • SMART SECURITIES™ are self-executing digital contracts that are stored on a global, shared database called a “blockchain,” which no one party controls.
  • Leveraging blockchain and distributed ledger technology, Symbiont aims to improve the financial market for traders, by allowing institutions and investors to issue, manage, trade, clear, settle and transfer a range of financial instruments more efficiently and securely as Smart Securities, which are programmable versions of traditional securities.
  • With the private equities market as its main focus, Symbiont also sees opportunities in the corporate bond, syndicated loans, and securitized instruments markets.

Consumer Benefits

  • Share Data: users can share and distribute ledger statuses and updates among a closed or open group of participants, securely and instantly
  • Save Costs: Smart Securities automate complex, manual, back and middle office processes that largely account for the high costs associated with financial transactions
  • Reduce Risk & Eliminate Tampering: Smart Securities enable the full instrument life cycle to be fully digitized and cryptographically verifiable and secured


  • Symbiont’s embedded consensus system:


  • How is Symbiont Smart Securities technology compared with other solutions:


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