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Founded: 2011
Sybenetix provides enterprise behavioural analytics solutions to hedge funds, banks and asset managers to improve investment performance and conduct management

  • Enterprise behavioural analytics: Sybenetix makes use of algorithms to profile the behaviours of investment professionals, along with the usage of decision support tools, to improve investment performance and manage conduct.
  • Edge and Compass: Edge and Compass are Sybenetix’s decision support solutions. Edge helps investment teams with improving investment performance.  Compass helps Compliance analyse market activities to detect suspicious behaviour.
  • Key facts and figures
    • Sybenetix was formerly known as Investment Intelligence, which was founded in 2009
    • Sybenetix was 1 of the 7 startups selected for the 2015 Asia-Pacific FinTech Innovation Lab


  • Target consumer: Hedge funds, banks, asset managers (specifically investment professionals like traders, fund managers, bankers, etc.), as well as Compliance
  • Behavioural profiling: Sybenetix collects past and present data from trading decisions and profitability, user information (e.g. investment strategy, risk profile, cognitive indicators) and external information. Using an algorithm, the data is used to profile a fund manager’s investment behaviour patterns and its impact on trade profitability.
  • Decision support: Decision support tools leverage on behavioural profiling to help investment teams overcome cognitive biases and help Compliance teams detect suspicious behaviour.

Consumer Benefits

  • Improved investment performance: Cognitive biases in investments adversely affects investment performance. Understanding behaviour can help consumers overcome these biases for improved performance.
  • Conduct management: Analysis of conduct and investment history helps consumers detect suspicious activity, easing a regulatory concern.

How to Use

Sybenetix offers its EBA solutions as a SaaS.  Contact them here.


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