Country: UK
Year: 2013


  • SuiteBox launched a digital workingspace for the banking and insurance industries in 2013
  • The platform allows to organize video conference, but also to share and sign documents
  • The platform could be both used for internal and external meetings as no registration is needed to enter a conference
  • The start up offers the possibility to adapt the design of its workingspace to its clients requirements
  • SuiteBox works with major companies as AON and has a technical partnership with Oracle

Consumer Benefits

  • Time saving: employees do not have to move from their office anymore to participate to a meeting
  • Innovative: SuiteBox is the only one platform allowing to sign a document while being in a video conference
  • Adaptable: the platform could be branded according to clients requests from $295

How It Works

  • SuiteBox offers a free trial and monthly subscriptions starting from $45 per user
  • Users just have to launch their browser to launch SuiteBox


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