Country: United StatesStripe
Year: 2011

  • Stripe offers a set of API’s that developers can use to manage and process online payments across their websites or mobile apps
  • The majority of companies leveraging the Stripe platform are charged a flat rate for transactions
  • The API’s are easily able to integrate with other systems that companies are currently using, such as their accounting and analytics platforms


  • Stripe offers developers of websites and mobile apps access to a set of API’s that can be used to manage and process online payments from customers and securely store payment information for recurring payments
  • The platform easily integrates with existing accounting or ERP systems in addition to a large set of other ecommerce, invoicing, and analytics tools that companies may already be using
  • Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% plus 30 cents for transactions on a typical account, but they have more flexible options for larger firms that process more than $80,000 per month
  • Over 100 currencies, including Bitcoin, are able to be processed and the service is available in over 25 countries

Consumer Benefits

  • Companies looking for a simple way to process online payments can leverage Stripe API’s
  • Stripe also offers fraud protection to all customers and has the ability to manage and process any chargeback occurrences
  • Companies can also integrate into their existing accounting platforms in addition to several other third party platforms

How It Works

  • Developers register for an account on Stripe’s website and are immediately brought to the account dashboard
  • From here there are many tutorials and walkthroughs on how developers should add the API code onto their websites or mobile apps


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