Country: UK
Year: 2014
Founded in 2014, Stockview strives to change the current way sell side research is produced and distributed by connecting professional investors directly with independent analysts.  
On this e-platform, the analysts are not commonly driven by trading commissions. Indeed, the competitive advantage of Stockviews is that it remunerates the analysts based their level of recognition by the investors community. In other words, these investment experts are incentivized to produce continually high quality researches in order for them to be followed by investors and consequently rewarded.


  • StockViews connects professional investors (hedge funds and asset managers) directly with independent analysts to guarantee a transparent and valuable investment recommendation.
  • Investors pay a subscription fee to access an important pool of researches for them to make the most relevant investment choice with the more accurate information.
  • The analysts produce research reports which are then rated by the users and rewarded based on the relevancy of their research reports.

Consumer Benefits

  • Tailor-built: with the function “Research on Demand”, users can ask for a custom research. The most suitable analyst will deliver under 5-10 days  the report.
  • Machine Learning: the personal dashboard is populated with researches produced by the analyst based on the user’s investment universe. A bit like social networks, his profile is automatically personalized depending on the most “followed” analysts and most viewed stocks.
  • Quality-driven: 80% of the fee remunerates the top performing analysts which is a strong incentive for them to produce high quality researches
  • Interactive: every research can be commented with questions or remarks in order to have a answer of the report producer

How to use

  1. Subscription: enter your personal information and answer a few simple questions to match you account with the most relevant research.
  2. Consultation of research reports : consult your dashboard, read (or ask for) research reports correlated with your profile and find the right investment
  3. Research assessment: after any consultation, the user is asked to rate the research. A high rating ensures you will continue to see research from that analyst, while a low rating will result in future research from that analyst being excluded.


  • Custom dashboard
  • Analyst profile
  •  Particular stock page
  •  StockViews’ catalogue of research reports

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