Country: UK
Year: 2013

  • Stockspot is an online fund manager and financial advisor founded in Australia based on the same model as Wealthfront and Betterment
  • Stockspot is very clear on its performances, its purpose is not to beat the market but to have low risk portfolios. Its portfolios are very simple and understandable to its customers


Very similar to Wealthfront or Betterment, Stockspot is an online Exchange-Trade Fund manager in Australia

  • The platform determines the user investments profile based on a few questions and matches him with a portfolio. The user has the possibility to adjust the portfolio before proceeding to the investment
  • Stockspot automatically manages the investor’s portfolio, rebalancing them and providing regular analytical report to users
  • This Robo-Advisor is very clear and straight-forward to its investors, it does not try to beat the market, but only reduce the risk of investing and charges a smaller fee than traditional wealth manager
  • Their targets are clearly the Generation Y clients who want to invest small amounts of money with full control over it

Consumer benefits

  • Stockspot only invests in 5 different Asset classes :
  • Australian shares, Global Shares, Emerging markets, Bonds and gold
  • Stockspot offers only 5 different portfolios to its customers with different assets mix depending on their risk tolerance
  • It allows investors to share their portfolio with their accountant to avoid complications during the tax period

How it works

  • This is a demo of Stockspot


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