Country: UK
Year: 2016


  • Spixii is a robot able to discuss with an insurance’s potential customer about all subjects related to the client relation, from the purchasing to the claim management
  • To better explain the products to the customers, Spixii can use simple examples and cases
  • Spixii is currently available in 5 languages (French, English, German, Italian, Chinese)

Consumer Benefits

  • Spixii is a B2B2B2C model (the insurer pays for the service, but Spixii is designed for helping users)
  • The solution is an answer to a bad communication management and to a poor UX in the insurance industry (mostly between insurers and customers)
  • Spixii is also for insurers the opportunity to better know their customers and to give them better answer and solutions

How To Use

  • The insurer plug Spixii into its website or app
  • The customer just talk to Spixii from its smartphone and Spixii adapts itself automatically to the user (with gathered data like age, gender, geographic region, customer’s needs and projects…)
  • Finally, Spixii gives a recommendation perfectly shaped to the customer need (adapted products or advice or example)


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