Country: United States
Year: 2012


  • Spire offers data & analytics that deliver insights into the parts of the world where collecting data is notoriously difficult. Ships, planes, and weather often go untracked in remote regions.
  • Spire’s satellites excel in covering these areas and its products are unmatched in empowering users to take advantage of this unique data.
  • Customers in a wide range of industries rely on data collected by Spire global constellation of nano-satellites to make critical business decisions.
  • Spire offer 4 products of data collection:
    1. Maritime: keep track of all ship activity
    2. Weather: better data means better forecasts
    3. Aviation: eyes in the sky
    4. Custom: global tracking for custom applications

Consumer Benefits

  • Spire offer data innovation, technology, and applications including:
    • Illegal fishing
    • Trade monitoring
    • Maritime domain awareness
    • Insurance
    • Environmental impact
    • Asset tracking
    • Search and rescue
    • Piracy
  • Continuous fresh data, so Spire operates on three continents (North America, Europe, Asia)

How To Use

  • Spire has deployed a global constellation of nano-satellites to collect data in remote regions.


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