Country: France
Year: 2016


  • Sozen links together insurers, insured persons, beneficiaries and external providers
  • The platform offers different kinds of accompaniment:
  • Administrative first, to help to go through long and complex procedures
  • Operational then, to have a qualitative follow-up for everyday tasks
  • Psychological finally, for hardest events
  • A chatbot allow the customer to get instant answer for simple requests

Consumer Benefits

  • For insurers, it is a simple way to get a global overview and a traceability of their clients’ care
  • For external providers, it is a way to gather feedback and quality indicators of their services
  • For the insured person, it is practical tool to manage day to day care, with all stakeholders gathered

How To Use

  • Sozen is a multidevice platform, available on all terminal (Android, iOS, web…). By using it, the customer can chat directly with the interlocutor he needs
  • The user has access to a secured personal space where he can easily chat with every interlocutor he needs


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