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Year: 2016


  • Simple Disability Insurance has developed a SaaS plug and play platform for banks, insurers and credit unions to sell disability insurance to their clients
  • Their tool, Simple 360™ , can be integrated into existing IT architecture and searches the bank’s own client bases for those with financial resources who may be at risk and in need of disability insurance
  • The tool leverages on big data and analytics to create targeted offers and includes an automated underwriting process built in to the platform to create a fully digital experience
  • Data aggregation tools generate tailor-made policies are made to fit each client’s individual needs and personal circumstances
  • Simple Disability Insurance claims that their tool can reduce client onboarding from an industry average of six months to ten minutes
  • The Venture Capital backed start-up is not yet available to businesses but should be launching in the final quarter of 2016

Consumer Benefits

  • Simplified process: a ten-minute sign up.
  • Maximise ROI: through identifying potential clients and selling tailor-made policies
  • Raise client awareness: about the advantages of having disability insurance

How To Use

  • Simple Disability Insurance is currently under wraps but press articles have mentioned a launch for the end of 2016
  • Interested companies can contact Simple Disability Insurance through their website for more information


Simple Disability Insurance’s Marketing Director explains the concept

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