Country: USA
Year: 2012
SigFig is an investment accounts aggregator that provides its users with a monitoring dashboard in order to optimize their portfolio

  • SigFig offers a real dashboard for users to monitor their investments, the ability to have it all in one place allows SigFig to obtain the user relationship over the traditional Advisors
  • Offering a free tracking service to users helps SigFig to gain a broader understanding on how they invest and what they do with their money. It can then offer a premium service to the users that need it the most
  • SigFig builds trust with its users by identifying hidden fees, ranging from brokerage fees to overcharging investors.


SigFig is an investment accounts aggregator platform that offers three different services: Investment Management, Diversified Income and Portfolio Tracking

  • Unlike competitors such as or Personal Capital, SigFig can only import accounts from Brokers. The user cannot import his credit card of checking accounts. SigFig doesn’t manage ‘529’ plans or ‘401(k)’, but the users can add them to get a full picture of their net worth
  • After determining the investment profile of the user, SigFig comes up with recommendations in order to optimize the user’s portfolio
  • SigFig performs the trades within supported brokerage accounts (currently TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab and Fidelity)

Consumer benefits

  • The mobile apps of SigFig are very user-friendly and offer similar functionality as the desktop version
  • SigFig allows its user to link accounts from more than 100 different brokers
  • SigFig offer a comparative analysis from the user’s portfolio versus a well diversified portfolio (using MPT)
  • SigFig also emphasizes on educating their users

How it works

  • This video is a presentation of SigFig by Bloomberg TV
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