Country: United Statesshocard
Year: 2015

  • Simplify KYC: bank and insurance could use ShoCard to simplify the onboarding processes.
  • Cybersecurity: propose a digital identity card as part of the cybersecurity offer and identity theft management.


  • ShoCard is a digital identity card built on a public blockchain ledger, aiming at replacing online authentication processes, such as 3D-secure required by banks or credit cards for most online purchases. Users access ShoCard through a free mobile app.
  • The user’s identity is protected and verified using public and private key encryption, data hashing, out-of-band communication, data matching and multi-factor authentication (any combination of email address, phone number, and biometrics such as fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan and voice recognition). Users retrieve their information on the ShoCard app.
  • ShoCard wants to partner with banks to replace their current authentication and is already beta-testing with 2 banks in the USA. Its business model is still developing (to date).

Consumer Benefits

  • Fraud reduction: the public blockchain ledger prevents from data tampering. Users receive a notification if their credit card is used online and can block the transaction from the app.
  • Secured data: ShoCard does not store any data or keys that could be compromised.
  • Fluid process: identity verification can be integrated seamlessly in an online purchase process.

How to use

  • Users download the ShoCard app, scan and sign their identity document, creating their digital signature through a hash. The app generates a private and a public key to seal the record.
  • Users certify their bank accounts with ShoCard (if their bank platform has a partnership with ShoCard).
  • Users can proceed with online payments and pass the authentication process from their mobile app. They get a push notification every time their credit card is used.


  • ShoCard video presentation
    • shocard1
  • Article “ShoCard Is A Digital Identity Card On The Blockchain” in TechCrunch
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