Country: Singapore, India
Year: 2012logo

  • ShereIt, formerly Bw8 Trading, is a Startupbootcamp alumni that offers a mobile app based social trading platform that allows retail or non-professional investors to access insights and ideas of expert traders, and gives them the opportunity to follow and copy their expert trades and actions

Value Proposition

  • Non-professional or retail investors could benefit from ShereIt’s social investment network by:
    • Seeing: The most fundamental goal of a social investment network is to give live feeds of trading activity. These live feeds with information on the moves of other traders could give valuable insights into market trends and trading ideas
    • Following: Users can choose to follow the traders of their choice, and can interact with them through live trades and messages
    • Copying: If a user spots a promising investor in his live feed or expert trader ranking, he can easily copy the trades by choosing the preferred investment amount
  • For banks and other financial institutions, ShereIt’s trading platform offers a white label solution for their brokerage businesses, as it could help them to
    • Accelerate growth in their user base and transaction volumes: The idea of making trading easier for non-professional investors’ makes way for a new segment of traders to enter the market. Further, their transaction volumes could increase as non-professional investors are given the opportunity to copy the trades of top traders
    • Cut Costs: A white label solution offers cost savings for brokerages as it allows them to focus more on stockbroking and not on IT setup and management.
  • The example given below illustrates the dashboard of ShereIt’s IOS mobile app, Bw8 sTrader:

W8 Social Trader Dashboard
Revenue Model

  • ShereIt derives its revenues from brokerage firms who pay it a commission for each trade executed on its social investment network.
  • On top of the commission-based revenue, ShereIt receives a monthly per-user fee for the number of customers’ of brokerage firms accessing the ShereIt network.

Key Figures 

  • Funding [2015]
    • Total: $17,960
    • Key investors: Startupbootcamp


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