Image result for wearshade.comCountry: USA
Year: 2014


  • Shade has built a proprietary and differentiable medical-grade wearable ultraviolet sensor that is 30x more accurate than anything else on the market
  • The sensor connects to the smartphone, enabling a rich interaction with users and unprecedented data collection about the impact of ultraviolet exposure on health.
  • Shade is re-inventing the standard of care in dermatology for photosensitive diseases (skin cancer, autoimmune disorders like lupus, etc.).

Consumer Benefits

  • Shade helps users manage their sunlight-triggered lupus flares by controlling their UV exposure
  • Shade helps users keep track of how they feel while exposed to different levels of UV. This helps users find their optimal personal daily limit and be empowered to live life outside again

How To Use

  • Users attach Shade’s sensor to their clothing, where it will track UV exposure from sunlight and other sources
  • Shade’s sensor syncs with the Shade smartphone app, where users can check their UV exposure at any time, and set exposure limits
  • The sensor will vibrate and users will be automatically alerted each time the user becomes 20% closer to their daily UV limit


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