Country: UK
Year: 2015


  • Secco is a neobank aiming to challenge the premise of banking and currency and be an alternative way of monetizing personal data.  It has built an alpha version and has not launched yet.
  • Chris Gledhill, fintech influencer and former head of Lloyds Banking Group’s innovation labs, is the CEO and co-founder of Secco. He wants to create a world where “your worth is the content of your character, not the contents of your wallet”.
  • Secco aims to be a bank and social network hybrid where users earn tokens from interacting with each other. Aura is the social app and location broadcasting channel where users can create value tokens backed by their reputations. Tokens will contain personal data that can be used as digital currencies on the Secco platform. The users will interact with each other through avatars on the app, and will be able to complete non-financial transactions such as “liking” what someone is wearing and receiving a coupon for that compliment.
  • It has extended blockchain technology to a concept they call “blocktree”

Consumer Benefits

  • Customer-focused: the user will be in control of his/her money and data. The user will decide when and what he/she wants to share
  • Disruptive: the economic model will be based on reputation, not on the money someone has in his/her wallet. The user can earn tokens on how interesting he/she is on social media

How to use

  • Has not been launched yet. Secco Aura is accepting pre-registration


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