Country: UK
Year: 2016


  • Seal allows users to create secure digital agreements with their clients with a tap of a button, in an understandable yet legally valid language
  • With the use of a smartphone app, users can create a contract entering all details such as scope of work, deliverables, deadlines, point of contacts, NDA, Warranty etc
  • Users have the ability to share the contract with several parties, send it for reviews, seal it online, share on social media, as well as manage multiple contracts on the same platform

Consumer Benefits

  • Simplicity and ease-of-use: the contracts are easy to create in very simple language
  • Protection: the agreements are highly secure with restricted access of only the concerned parties
  • Accessibility: the app allows the user to readily access the agreements at any given time, thus reducing the hassle of paperwork
  • Legally valid: the app has been made in consultation with several lawyers and the app claims to create legally valid agreements, however it comes with a caveat of not providing legal advice, nor being a law firm or a substitute for a lawyer.

How To Use

  • Currently in its beta version, users can request via email to access application
  • Download app, create contract, share or send it for review and seal the agreement


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