Country: United States  scanaflo
Year: 2015
Scanaflo is a urine test kit in development that will empower people to monitor their health at home.


  • Scanaflo tests the level of glucose, protein, leukocytes, blood, bilirubin, microalbumin, nitrites, creatinine, ketone, urobilinogen, specific gravity, and pH in urine
  • It is a test kit in development that is designed to give early information about liver, kidneys, urinary tract, and metabolism
  • This information could be particularly effective for pregnant women,diabetics, seniors, and people who have started new medications
  • A smartphone app guides the user through the test procedure, automatically processes the test results, stores them, and explains them

Consumer Benefits

  • The user can quickly receive the results and have immediate feedback on the urine analysis
  • The results are sent straight to the doctor which allows the user to get better and faster help
  • It helps detect problems early before they become serious issues

How to use

  • The user drops the non-disposable device in the urine sample, just waits one minute for the app to analyze the sample.
  • Then the user scans the device with his smartphone and the app provides the test results. When the results are in red, it means something is not normal.
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