Country: UKSafeshare
Year: 2013


  • By providing extensive insurance coverage for users and providers of sharing economy startups, SafeShare’s insurance covers third parties who often do not have access to traditional insurance
  • Targeting B2B and B2B2C customers, SafeShare partners with sharing economy businesses to offer providers and their users real-time insurance solutions
  • SafeShare’s solution uses Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology to confirm counter-party obligations which facilitates the delivery of a flexible and a responsive product to users
  • The company works with and Vrumi (an office space sharing startup), to which they offer different types of insurance to domestic staff such as public liability, buildings, contents or accident
  • SafeShare and Solfyre (a cyber security platform) created a partnership to develop the world’s first identity theft and identity fraud insurance solution

Consumer Benefits

  • Reliable: blockchain technology is designed to be secure by default as it stores important cryptocurrency transaction data
  • Inexpensive: personalized to fit the need of its customers, their prices are generally lower than traditional insurance
  • Real-time solution: thanks to blockchain technology, SafeShare works in real-time

How To Use

  • The company makes partnerships with different sharing economy platforms and through the platform users can add the insurance
  • No more information disclosed


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