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Founded in 2013, SafeChats is a Singapore-based company offering communication security and efficiency solutions for both individuals and organizations.
The communications platform supports instant messaging, voice calling and file transfers under its end-to-end encryption technology with well-known algorithms trusted by security experts around the world. SafeChats also supports several privacy features such as swipe-to-reveal, message expiration, and advanced chat history control.
SafeChats is a Top 10 participant of the Global Mobile Challenge and one of the finalists at the RSAC APJ Innovation Sandbox startup competition in Singapore.


  • SafeChats’ security protections cover the entire suite of communications, from email to messaging, and from video to voice calls and file transfer.
  • Customers can use their own server infrastructure instead of SafeChats’ for advanced privacy settings.
  • Growth Rate: According to SafeChats, messaging volume grew 10 times in the first half of 2015.
  • Potential Funding: A series US $700,000, aiming for a valuation of US $6 million.

Consumer Benefits

  • Flexible Cost: Free to use for team below 10 people. For SME clients over 10 people, the platform will charge a premium fee.
  • Secure Technology: Off-the-Record messaging (one of the encryption technologies used by journalists to communicate with Edward Snowden) and the socialist millionaire protocol (SMP) for instant messaging. SafeChats uses military-grade encryption to protect data and calls as well.
  • Cross Platform: Communication syncing on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Team Management Efficiency: Slack-style multiple channel support makes teamwork efficient.

How it works

The picture below shows how the platform provide security communication solutions.
For communication to file transfer, users will be asked to prove the identity for the contact security check.
(from RSAC APJ pitch)


(Pitch in RSAC APJ Innovation Sandbox final competition)

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