logo@2xCountry: United-States
Year: 2014
Roost is a smart alarm battery with integrated WIFI


  • Roost Smart Battery delivers smoke alarm notifications to your mobile phone (for now, this is the only application of the battery)
  • The user puts the battery in the smoke detector
  • The battery has WIFI so it allows to connect the alarm to the internet
  • When the alarm rings the user receives a notification on his phone telling which alarm is ringing
  • The user can directly make an emergency call
  • The battery reminds you weeks in advance that it’s getting low

Consumer Benefits

  • Roost is a very easy to use technology as it only brings up to date your old alarms by adding features
  • Roost allows the user to know in advance when the battery will die by a simple notification on the phone
  • Roost will send a notification on the user’s phone if there is a problem
  • Roost is also very cheap compared to other technologies

How to use it

  • The user buys the battery and downloads the App on the phone. Then he connects the battery to the WIFI access point of the home by placing it on the smartphone’s screen. Then, the user removes the old battery and replaces it with the Roost smart battery.


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